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AGREE-REX Workshop

As part of the 5th International Psychiatry Conference organised by King Saud University, a workshop was conducted to assess the quality of CPGs for people with mental health diseases and problems with a focus on the National ADHD CPG in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, using the AGREE-REX (Recommendation Excellence) tool.

The AGREE-REX is a newly developed tool designed to evaluate clinical credibility & implementability of CPGs, and provides a blueprint for CPG development and reporting.

1. Clinical Applicability1. Evidence
2. Applicability to Target Users
3. Applicability to Patients/Populations
2. Values and Preferences4. Values and Preferences of Target Users
5. Values and Preferences of Patients/Populations
6. Values and Preferences of Policy/Decision-Makers
7. Values and Preferences of Guideline Developers
3. Implementability8. Purpose
9. Local Application and Adoption
AGREE-REX: Domains & Items