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Praise be to Allah for with His Grace the righteous deeds are completed. This Unified ADHD Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) Project is the strategic project 7.2 of the Saudi ADHD Society for the period 2017-2019. The Saudi ADHD Society is a registered non-profit under license 474 from the Saudi Ministry of Labour and Social Development, and the project received the Ministry approval (No. 52476) on 5/8/1438 H.

Who is this CPG for?

Intended Target Users

Physicians, Clinical psychologists, Other behavioural health clinicians, Nurses, Occupational therapists, Pharmacists, Social workers, Dietitians, Medical students, Medical sciences students

Clinical Specialty

General Psychiatry, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Neurology, Paediatric Neurology, General Paediatrics, Developmental & Behavioral Paediatrics, Family Practice, General Practice, Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology, Clinical Nutrition

Healthcare Setting

Primary, secondary and tertiary care settings dealing with assessment, treatment and management of ADHD in Saudi Arabia

Target Population

Children: under 5 years
Children and young people: aged 5 to 18 years
Adults: aged over 18 years

Suspected to have ADHD
have a diagnosis of ADHD